Stand out when you study abroad.

Stand out when you study abroad.

Earning a graduate management education abroad affords students numerous personal and professional benefits.

The unique experiences you gain will make you more attractive to companies who are eager to hire graduates that are mature, flexible, and comfortable in multicultural settings.

By living and studying in a foreign country, you’ll gain a new understanding of your personal heritage and values. Students often become more independent, self-reliant, and self-confident as they learn to navigate and live comfortably in a different culture. Interacting with the native population and fellow international students allows you to gain a greater respect for other cultures, values, and norms.

International students also have the opportunity to participate in valuable life experiences and develop new or additional skills. With the full immersion experience, students can learn or master that country’s language at social, academic, and professional levels. In addition, leadership styles often differ from one culture or country to the next, and you can learn how to work with – and gain a better understanding of – different leadership and business styles. If you manage others, you’ll gain valuable experience working with a diverse team and be able to apply those skills as you transition into the workplace. Your exposure to a new culture lets you gain a broad and sophisticated worldview and diversifies your thoughts and values. As a result, it’ll be easier for you to form partnerships and work effectively when tackling global or multinational challenges.

Students who study abroad often stand out from other job candidates with skills that can only be gained from overseas experiences, such as strong cross-cultural communications and familiarity with international standards, laws, and regulations. Additionally, if you study in a country with an emerging economy, you will learn to respond quickly to an evolving market or industry.

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