FAQs on Living in North Cyprus

FAQs on Living in North Cyprus

I will like to highlight some of the common questions asked by some clients and visitors on our website and give you answers based on my years of experience.

North Cyprus is not the like the UK, neither is it like the USA, it’s unique in its own way. However, North Cyprus provides some advantages like affordable higher education with High standards and places students at a competitive advantage globally. Before coming to North Cyprus you need to be resolved with what you want to achieve, if your main goal is to get an education, you will enjoy your stay, everything needed for you to be successful academically is available at its best. I am not trying to promote business here, it’s the truth.

Is Cyprus a Safe Place to live?

Some people complain that they have heard about the high crime rate in Cyprus; well based on personal experience that’s not true, if anything I will tell you based on my years of personal experience “Cyprus is a safe place!”. Few years ago (as of 2010 – 2015, there about) Cyprus was the 5th safest place to live in the world, but of course, as time went by and lots of foreigners come in and out of the country, things change. Nevertheless, Cyprus cannot be named as a high crime country, the reason why some people say that is because Cyprus is a small place (an Island), so any little crime is known even across borders. People who say there is a high crime in Cyprus don’t live in Cyprus or have never visited Cyprus, it’s all rumors or maybe just a few crimes they have heard about, but that’s all there is. People who lived here in Cyprus can tell you about the freedom of movement here no matter the time of the day or night; you can move around at any time of the night, midnight, 1:00 am, 3:00 am, and you will feel very safe, plus there are grocery stores in the city open up to 24 hours of the day. The known crime few people involve themselves in is smoking of illegal content which the police take very serious, other than that the other crimes may include fighting or theft, murder is hardly heard of.

 Another thing people seem to be concerned about is the fact that Cyprus is surrounded by some civil/social unrest countries; the countries surrounding the island of Cyprus are Greece (to the east), Turkey (to the south), Lebanon, Syria (to the west), Israel and Egypt (to the north). However, Cyprus isn’t affected by any kind of unrest, if it weren’t so Cyprus wouldn’t be known for its high number of students. 

Is there Freedom of Religion in Cyprus?

Everyone in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus has the right of religious freedom in teaching, worship, and observance, without any interference. The constitution of Northern Cyprus protects the freedom of religion, and it states that Northern Cyprus is a secular state. 

Can I work while studying?

For a foreigner government jobs are not going to be an option. However, there are assistant jobs available in the universities for students; there are assistant Jobs in every department reserved for students, applicants to these assistant positions are selected based on academic performance, which means you will have to complete at least one semester before you are eligible for the position. There are also Jobs in other parts of the universities like dormitories, international centers etc. Outside the universities, students get to work in hotels, restaurants and in some companies, the major challenge with jobs outside the university is language, most of the employers prefer to employ someone who speaks Turkish language. It is legal for students to get part time jobs outside the university, you just need to have your residency permit before working otherwise it is a crime.

by Ibrahim Isaac (CEO)


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