As a student, you’ll obviously want to know about the employment landscape in North Cyprus…

For a foreigner government jobs are not going to be an option. So, you will need to find opportunities. There are assistant jobs available in the universities for especially students who perform well in their academics; some get to work in their departments as assistants to lecturers, some in the international centers, and around the universities. Education on the island is very big business, with a number of international schools and universities catering to thousands of students dotted about across the whole island. So if you’re a teacher, university lecturer you may well find a job doing the same in North Cyprus.

Other students, however, get jobs in hotels, restaurants and around the city because tourism is another big and growing sector in North Cyprus.

Your best way forward might be to find a niche that can be exploited, and open your own business locally unfortunately at a huge cost for foreigners, except if you have lots of money. Alternatively, why not consider an eBusiness, and find your niche via the Internet and work online. You could even consider trading online if you’re a canny and clever soul…because Northern Cyprus now has better Internet infrastructure than most of the UK!

In general, if you desire to work you must really have something to offer, North Cyprus is a place where skills and innovations are needed.